You probably know WHAT  you believe,

    But do you know WHY  you believe it?












Itís a loaded word . . . Is it a womanís right? Is it a sin against God? Is it a political issue?

Is it something that just radical liberals and extreme conservatives argue about?


No matter where you stand on the ĒissueĒ of abortion, itís important to know why

you stand on that ground. So many of us believe firmly one way or the other, but how many of us really

know why we believe what we do? How many of us even know what an abortion really is?


Seber Ministries exists to educate people about the facts of abortion. What is it? How does it work?

What are the facts about fetal development? What really happens after an abortion?


We donít use graphic images or scare tactics, we simply share the truth in love. Do you want

to know the truth? We want to talk to your youth or church group. Let us hear from you.


























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